Actions Against the Police

Are you unhappy with the manner in which you have been treated by the Police? Do you feel that you were unlawfully detained or questioned? Do you feel that the police have acted negligently? Are you constantly being harassed by the Police for no reason? If the answer to any of the questions, you may have an action against the police. We may be able to recover damages/compensation on your behalf and may be even an apology.

Please contact our specialist department who may be able to assist you dependant on your complaint.

We also specialise in challenging the lawfulness of the obtaining of and execution of search warrants. If your commercial or residential premises have been subjected a search by the police or any other law enforcement agency, let us have a look at the search warrant to see if it is lawful.

If either the application or execution of the warrant does not comply with the statutory requirements that govern warrants, then the subsequent search and seizures may be unlawful.

We have found that a number of police forces fail to comply with the very strict statutory requirements when making applications for warrants.

The courts in a number of recent and important judgements have declared many of the warrants unlawful for failing to comply with the strict criteria.

A successful challenge could result in the warrant being declared unlawful, in those circumstances the respective law enforcement agency may have to return all material seized, this may halt any investigation and also successful applications would result in a claim for damages for trespass and compensation for any disruption caused to your business.

This is a very specialist area and something that not many solicitors and even counsel consider challenging.

A successful challenge may make all the difference and stop the investigation in its tracks.

We have a specialist team that have the knowledge and expertise in dealing in this area.

Contact us and let us help you.