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He is an accomplished Senior Lawyer, who has advocated a variety of cases nationally. He has been involved in numerous drugs and murder cases, and was one of the only, if not the only solicitor, that represented defendants in the riots case of 2001 in Bradford, Burnley and Oldham.

He has also successfully appealed cases in the Court of Appeal.

Other areas in which he excels and has played a major role are cases of Money Laundering, V.A.T. Fraud, Insurance, Credit Card and Pharmaceutical Fraud. Obtaining acquittals for clients in those cases.

A Lawyer who certainly will not let you down.

Profile of Rashid Majid

R-v-AH (2016) – The Defendant was one of nine who were charged with violent disorder and his alleged involvement was said to include attacking persons with a hammer. Successful application to exclude ID Evidence and subsequently, The Crown offered no evidence. Case heard at Derby Crown Court.

R-v-SS (2016) – Bradford Crown Court. The Defendant was charged with money laundering, jointly with others £155,000 which had been fraudulently transferred from a solicitors bank account into various bank accounts. The Defendant was discharged after a successful submission of no case to answer.

R-v-AM (2016) – 15 handed violent disorder trial over 10 weeks where two rival gangs were involved in serious violence using weapons. Case was complicated by the numerous defendants, phone evidence, vehicles involved, CCTV and cut throat defences. Our Client was acquitted at Nottingham Crown Court.

R-v-SB (2014) – The Defendant was charged with money laundering of cash through her bank accounts. The Defendant was acquitted during the Trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

R-v-AA (2014) – The Crown in confiscation proceedings were submitting the defendant’s benefit was £1.2m and his assets were £2.4 m. After detailed submissions and preparation the court ordered a benefit figure of £75,000 and an available amount for the same figure at Peterborough Crown Court.

R- v- KSA (2013) – The Crown were seeking a confiscation order benefit figure of £315,000 and available amount of £17,000. Successfully negotiated a benefit figure of £34,000 with an available amount of £8000 at Bradford Crown Court.

R – v – SA (2013) – The Defendant charged with others for affray where around 20 males in balaclavas attacked the victims with hammers and baseball bats. The Defendant acquitted after a trial at Derby Crown Court.

R -v – MN & NS (2012) – Involved in the representation of husband and wife in relation to an FBI Investigation into the Cyber Crime Website ‘darkmarket’ run all over the world and which was infiltrated by the FBI Officer known as ‘mastersplynter’. The Defendants were acquitted prior to the trial at Manchester Crown Court.

R- v-M.Z (2012) – The Defendant was charged with Murder along with family members of a prominent Derby Man during a road rage incident. The Defendant was acquitted during the Trial at Nottingham Crown Court.

R- v -AI (2012) – The Defendant arrested and charged in relation to the murder of a Polish Citizen in Derby along with six others using baseball bats and hammers. The Defendant was acquitted at Nottingham Crown Court.

R- v-JP (2011) – The Defendant charged with various others in relation to his involvement in money laundering of £1m. The Defendant was acquitted at Hull Crown Court.

R-v-S (2009) – Our Client was charged with another Defendant for sexual offences where in all there were 30 offences in the case. Our Client was acquitted unanimously by the jury.

R-v-D (2009) – The Defendant was acquitted on charge of Murder in a multi handed case where there were community tensions between the Afro-Caribbean Community and Asians.

R-v-Y A (2008) – Acquittal of the Defendant charged with a large scale pharmaceutical fraud at Kingston Crown Court.

R-v-M J (2008) – Acquittal of the Defendant charged with murder in relation to the killing of a teenager in Todmorden (Operation Preston).

R-v-S W (2008) – A Professional who was charged with money laundering in relation to drugs and was acquitted.

R-v-R B (2006) – Trial of a female charged with child neglect where her daughter died and her husband was charged with murder. The Defendant was acquitted after various cultural issues were highlighted.

R-v-R S A (2006) – Acquittal of the Defendant before Southampton Crown Court for the importation of millions cigarettes from China.

R-v-P A D (2006) – Acquittal on a charge of murder by kicking to death the deceased.

R-v-M A R (2003) – Acquittal of the Defendant charged in relation to perverting the course of justice in a murder in the death of eight people in a fire in Huddersfield.

R-v-F A (2003) – Acquittal of the Defendant involved in the Oldham riots.

R-v-M Z R & S K (2002) – Acquittal of Defendants for attempted murder and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in relation to a shooting on Leeds Road, Bradford (Operation Gowanbank)

R-v-P A S (2002) – Acquittal of Defendant in the Bradford Riots.

R-v-R X (2000). Acquittal of serious blackmail heard in Teeside Crown Court after a trial involving Defendants.

R-v-K M K (2000) – Acquittal on a charge of murder.

R-v-T S (1999) – Acquittal of the Defendant charged with a substantial conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.








Rashid Majid

Director LLB (Hons)

After graduating and completing the Legal Practice Course started her legal career at a large established commercial firm in Leeds before moving on to her training contract with a specialist criminal law firm. She joined the team at Khan Solicitors in May 2007.

A qualified Duty Solicitor covering advocacy at the magistrates court and representing clients at the police station. As well as offering a high level of service both at the magistrates court and at the police station has also worked on various high profile crown court cases.

Also a training coordinator within the firm.

Faryal Akhtar

Director, LLB (Hons), Higher Rights Advocate

Graduated from Huddersfield University in 2001. One of the senior members of staff at Khan Solicitors. An integral member of the management team.

Duty Solicitor, accredited police station representative and Higher Rights Advocate.

Deals primarily with the more serious criminal offences including contracted cases under the VHCC scheme. Extensive experience and has dealt with all types of criminal offences ranging from terrorism, murder, VAT fraud, Money laundering, conspiracy to defraud, mortgage fraud, conspiracy to supply class A & B drugs and sexual offences.

Amjad Hasan

Director, LLB (Hons), Higher Rights Advocate

Senior member of the firm. Joined the practice in 2002 after completing his LPC. A duty solicitor and an accredited police station representative. Has a wide ranging experience both at the Crown Court and Magistrates Courts.

Has been involved in many high profile cases and represented clients for minor misdemeanours to serious complex Crown Court cases.

A conscientious worker that takes great pride in his work delivering a high quality of service, regarded highly by peers and clients alike.

Shakeel Ahmed

Director, LLB (Hons)

Alison is an integral part of the team and has worked with the firm since 2005. She provides PA and litigation support to the Directors. She is the head of support staff and closely monitors their work and delegates various duties to junior admin staff.

Alison is the main contact for other outside bodies connected to the firm and is the clerk to our Higher Right Advocates. Alison is also responsible for our legal billing.

Out of work Alison enjoys spending time with her grandson.

Alison Burke

Clerk to HCA's, PA and Litigation Support

Tracey joined the firm in 2014 as our Legal Cashier. She has worked in solicitors offices for over 16 years gaining a wide range of skills and knowledge throughout a number of areas of law. Tracey enjoys a challenge and has proven to be a key member of our team.

Outside of the office, Tracey is a dedicated mum who enjoys camping holidays with her friends and family and jogging in her spare time.

Tracey Lowthorpe

Legal Cashier

Khan Solicitors

Tracy Lowthorpe

Helen Oxley

Helen has worked at the firm since inception in the late 1990’s. She works closely with the Lawyers offering PA support. She has extensive experience in various litigation having worked closely with lawyers for over 15 years, in crime, family law, personal injury and immigration.

She also prepares sponsorship declarations, property inspection reports, affidavits, change of name deeds etc.

outside office hours, helen is a dedicated mother who enjoys baking”

Helen Oxley

PA and Litigation Support